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Victoria’s Arts & Crafts Heritage

Victoria is home to many fine examples of Arts & Crafts residences from 1890s through the 1910-20s. This is partly due to the british influence here in Victoria and largely due to the tireless work of the architect Samuel Maclure. He created a style of home based on Arts & Crafts principals, nicknamed the “Maclure Bungalow”. These modest single story homes became very popular in Victoria due to their affordability, fine craftsmanship, and simple decorative elements unique to each home.

The Arts & Crafts movement originated in England in the 1880s as a response to the mass production of the decorative arts. The division of labour was seen as a threat to traditional skills and creativity. Arts & Crafts artists favored producing items from raw material into finished product with only a small group of workers.

The social aspect of Arts & Crafts in England was focused around creating communities of craftspeople. While in North America Arts & Crafts was considered the aesthetic counterpart of the Progressive movement. The simple yet refined forms and modest beauty of Craftsman houses were seen as the perfect residence for the evolving middle class.

This home in the Fairfield neighborhood of Victoria is a fine example of the Maclure Bungalow. It features many of the typical features:

  • Low-pitched roof
  • Wide overhanging eaves
  • Decorative beams and braces
  • Porch support bases extending to ground level and slanting inward
  • Stained & leaded glass
  • Simple unadorned built-in cabinets
  • Wooden shingle siding

If you are interested in viewing this home or inquiring if there are any other Arts & Crafts homes on the market in Victoria please contact either John West or Holly Harper. They would love to show you what Victoria has to offer.

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