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Piers Island Living

Piers is a small island just north of the tip of the Saanich Peninsula and about half a mile northwest of the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal. The island is home to about 300 residents, mostly part time, who enjoy the small community.

Getting There

The island is only accessible by private boat, owning one is handy but not needed. Eco Tours Cruising offers daily service to the Island out of Canoe Cove. It lands at the public dock on the south side of the island.

About the Island

Most of the private properties are on the waterfront of the island with a ring road just inside that allows access for the local fire service. No cars are allowed on the island so the road is used for walking and biking. Circumnavigating the island on the road takes about a half hour.

The central area is parkland and is filled with walking trails, 147 acres in total. There you will find many native plants, including Garry Oaks, Cedars, and much more. On the north east side of the island you’ll find Biscoe Beach. It’s about 300 feet long and is open to the public and swimmable during summers. There is also a 4 acre grassy community area that’s used for the annual picnic.

The only amenities on the island is the fire station and helicopter landing site for emergencies. No store on the island but Canoe Cove is a 10 boat ride away. Or you can head further south to Sidney and the many marinas around there. North, on Salt Spring Island you’ll find Fulford Harbor.


The climate of Piers Island is drier than the Greater Victoria since the northern penninsula and gulf islands are in the rain shadow of the coast mountains. During the winter the winds can pick up which makes for fantastic storm watching.


Google map image of the property