Holly Harper

Holly Harper specialises in buying and selling luxury homes, family estates, and unique properties in the Victoria, BC area. With 16 years of experience and a family history in the Real Estate business she excels at marketing the unique properties found in Victoria, BC Canada.

Growing up in Victoria has given her an intimate understanding of the city’s heritage. An avid gardener and ex-dressage rider, experience that provides her a unique perspective of the land and homes of the area. A degree in fine arts provides a trained eye that helps her discover the little details that make each property special.

Easy going and social, Holly’s relaxed persona allows clients to open up to her and tell her what most concerns them. This personal knowledge helps her navigate her clients the peaks and pitfalls of property sales. Ultimately, Holly’s goal is to make home sales for her clients as smooth as possible, resulting in happy new beginnings for everyone.

Newport Realty

The Newport Realty Logo plaque from in front of our head office.

Newport Realty was formed in 1980 by a group of highly-motivated real estate professionals. We believe that superior service encourages customers to return willingly for that service… and to share their experience with others. We recruit and develop the best individuals in out industry. As a Newport Associate, each of us is sensitive to our clients needs and dedicated to their satisfaction. Our Mission Statement outlines the company philosophy:

Newport Realty is an association of individuals who are committed to a high statndard of service and professional integrity. We aspire to success and are guided by the best interests of our customers and clients.

Newport is recognized for its high-calibre sales force, its distinctive advertising, and most importantly, for the successes it has brought to sellers, buyers, investors, and developers on Southern Vancouver Island. The marketing of strata developments, subdivisions, commercial and industrial properties, and houses old and new… the results attained have kept Newport Realty consistently in the top rankings for total M.L.S. sales volumes.

To further assist our clients, Newport Realty also offers a full-service Property Management department for the leasing and management of residential, commercial, and revenue properties.